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Establishing my own businesses and registering as self-employed. Clear House has demonstrated a very broad knowledge in their field, which has proved invaluable in terms of registering as self-employed, establishing a business, shareholding, legal requirements connected with contractors and reporting, tax, national insurance, as well as an insight into company structure, benefits, and overseas offices. We, and I, continue to retain Clear House’s services, as they have demonstrated excellence in their field. They are fast, friendly and very reliable. We have established trust in the services they deliver, which is essential to any relationship.

Alan Newton, Eventopedia

Clear House is a very professional firm and has helped us with starting-up in a very simply way. I am glad to suggest Clear House to manage your business.

Matteo Taraschi, Lot Logistics

Clear House has helped me set up my first Ltd company. Having zero experience with setting up businesses, they patiently guided me through the process, and provided valuable advice in bite-size chunks so that I don't get overwhelmed. Very quick turnaround time by email or by telephone. I can definitely recommend their personalised services to everyone.

Kenneth See, Kaya Solutions

Clear House’s professionalism & knowledge is what gives me complete confidence in them handling our business’ accounting processes.

Neil Gowing, Quinton Consultancy

I was contacted by 5 London area firms, only the one stood out as professional and above all knowledgeable. Not to mention extremely timely and polite, much underrated attributes and highly appreciated.

Mark Eliot, Light Petrol

I have recently changed my accountant and Clear House has helped with the transactions. I had many new changes applied. also helped me with tax and financial advice. Easy to approach.

Habib Khan, CardioMedic

Clear House is outstanding professional team and have went out of their way to ensure I was clear on everything, offered suggestions to help, made themselves available to suit my time, made sure I knew what was needed to comply with UK tax rules, and then sorted everything out with the revenue service. They were very prompt, very friendly, didn't charge extras for the support I needed and helped me sleep easy at night. In fact, they were upfront on everything and I knew from the start exactly what my costs would be. I have already recommended them to a few of my friends who have now registered with them and would highly recommend them to all.

Tashfeen Matiullah, P30

Needed emergency accounts doing for visa application. Prepared everything perfectly, neatly, in order, and on time. Quality of work was outstanding. I could not find a single mistake. I needed a couple of updates after the draft copy and they were done promptly. Accounts are completed, and submitted to the solicitor, who later asked for some extra information, which was promptly provided.

Ali Osman, Ali Multilateral

Clear House has always been contactable and clear in their requirements for information and helpful in advising of the process as this relatively new to me. Much of the burden is therefore off my shoulders and I feel totally at ease with Clear House handling my account.

Sanjay Thakrar

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